Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dr. Dre Workout - Get Ripped Quick

Dr. Dre Workout It's pretty clear why you want to know the Dr. Dre Workout Routine. Seriously, what’s the first thing you notice when you look at this picture of Dre? 
Probably that he looks like he's been hitting the gym and getting ripped over the past few years. Well you're in luck because I have a few tips and secrets for you to get a lean and ripped body like Dr. Dre.

When I First Noticed the Dr. Dre Workout

In the "I Need A Doctor" music video Dr. Dre shows off his shredded muscles. It's awesome to see the intense workouts Dr. Dre went through to get this muscular...

So How Did Dr. Dre Gain So Much Muscle Quickly?

Dr. Dre has been on the top of the music charts for decades, but up until a little bit ago he was never too great in the gym. This drastically changed when he started a new workout routine that soon transformed his body. The Dr. Dre workout helped him drop an impressive 50 pounds!
Dr. Dre Workout - What You Should Do
Dr. Dre Workout - Exercises
- Pull Ups
- Squats
- Deadlifts
- Bicep Curls
- Bench Press
- Triceps Pushdowns
- Dips
Do about 10-15 reps of each and do each exercise one after the other with as little rest as possible in between each one. Completing these seven exercises counts as a set. Try and do about 2-4 sets a session, 3 days a week.

If you do this workout how I said your heart should be pumping out of your chest by the end.

Where Can I Find More Info About Dr. Dre's Workout?

I hope you enjoyed the quick preview I gave above! Click here to checkout the full Dr. Dre Workout (and also his diet plan).

Never stop working until you get a muscular, toned body like our boy Dre.

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